No morerace day nerves

Show up at your next marathon race day ready with Metathon. Metathon is your marathon performance dashboard built on top of Strava.


Marathon Predictor

Metathon can turn your Strava training data into an accurate prediction for race day. Use the predictor as a tool for training, race planning, and to ensure a personal best in your next race.

Track Training Progress

Marathon training is hard to judge. How fit am I? What pace should I target in my race? Most of the time, you can't be sure. But with Metathon, you get daily feedback about your fitness. Track your predicted finish time over the course of your training program and show up to the start line confident in your plan.

Prediction graph

Improve on Past Performances

Metathon allows you to compare your current training with past performances. Instead of hoping you are in personal best shape, be sure.

April, 20183:59:05
May, 20194:06:18
May, 20213:39:05
October, 20213:24:08